A GUIDE TO: Food Photography

Photographs are currently taking over social media, it’s no longer about long dramatic statuses expressing each minute of your day, and it’s about taking photographs to share your experiences. With that, it’s a hard time to be a photographer, but also a wonderful and beautiful to be photographic artist. Food is prepared and presented to us at least three times a day (for those who actually have normal eating schedules!) that means three different chances to snap a pic and throw it up on Instagram. OR you can take some time and plan out your #foodporn shots and do something a little bit different. Personally, I love spending a few hours planning, prepping, shooting and editing a great food shot.

Here are some tidbits (similar to timbits but less tasty) of my food photography knowledge:

-Choose foods that you personally enjoy. Long story short, if you don’t want to eat it, neither will anyone else. It’s really hard to photograph something you think is gross.

-EAT BEFORE. EAT BEFORE. EAT BEFORE. I cannot stress this enough. There is nothing worse than starting a session with delectable food and you’re starving. Trust me, you will be nibbling away until it is all gone, left without a subject and crumbs on a plate.

-Lighting and composition. Focus on where the highlight hit and the shadows fall. This is how you create the mood and emotion in a piece of food. There are two very popular styles of food photography right now – SUPER BRIGHT and REALLY DARK. Choose one that best suits your food and go for it.

-Be prepared to take a long time. The one thing I have learnt about photographing inanimate objects is that it takes a lot of time. Be patient and remember it’s apart of the process, don’t rush.

-Food is pretty versatile. Unlike people it doesn’t have a “good side” or a “bad side”, food doesn’t have an opinion about itself so take the opportunity to shoot at odd angles and with different lens choices. If your first idea doesn’t work, shoot everything and hope you got one shot that you like.

-Always buy more. I tend to buy product instead of making it myself. Yes, I am extremely lazy. Nowadays there are so many great food items on the shelves of grocery stor

es and bakery’s. Since you aren’t making it, always buy more than you intend. The last thing you need is to crack open a cupcake or slice a piece of bread before realizing you weren’t done with the item as a whole.

-Be positive no matter what the outcome is. Sometimes food photography doesn’t turn out, and that’s okay, at least you got to eat some good food!

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