CBC Radio Calgary - Tim Tamashiro

I had the most amazing opportunity to head down to Calgary recently to photograph Tim Tamashiro. Tim is a Canadian Jazz Artist and the host of Tamashiro’s Tonic on CBC Radio 2. Words cannot describe how incredibly kind hearted this man is, not to mention extremely talented! He was a hoot and a half, constantly cracking jokes, making faces and keeping everyone in the room smiling. A big thank you to Tim for letting me invade his studio and hang out with him for a few hours. After the session we went out for dinner to "Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi”. I would highly recommend the Chili Goma Ramen; no words can describe how good it was.

If you'd like to hear more about him and his journey with jazz check out: http://www.timtamashiro.com also, listen in on Tamashiro's Tonic here!

"“Drinky” is a new philosophy for you to relish jazz. I coined the phrase “drinky jazz” for a special reason. I’ve always yearned for people to see that jazz is fun music. But often just the mention of “jazz” freaks people out. When jazz is brought up in conversation many people react by tensing up. Then they almost always they say, “I don’t like jazz”. This “drinky jazz” philosophy promises you three things: great songs, cold drinks and bad jokes. I hope “Drinky” is the mark of a new jazz movement where you can discover the joy of jazz. It’s incredible music with the most talented musicians anywhere. Let’s go on this journey together and most of all let’s have fun with a bit of swinging music!" - Tim Tamashiro

Thanks for reading and have a great week! You’re 10/10

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