Self Portrait - smudge

Our final assignment for Fine Art was a self-portrait. Brainstorming for this took me a while, I couldn’t think of anything worth photographing. What was my message? What was my story? I felt like my life was blank. In comparison to all the great things other people have done by my age, I was nothing special. So I decided to do a minimalistic portrait showing how small I felt in this world. I tried a new lighting type; I used the ceiling hung projector in one of the NAIT studios with an all white page playing on my laptop. Below is my artist statement, I hope you enjoy.

"My life is but a mere spec in comparison to everything else that is going on in this world. I am a smudge on history. If you picture your lifespan as along exposure how much space would you have covered? How large would your smear be? Seeing how I am only nineteen, my smear has not covered my entire canvas. It will probably never cover my entire canvas, there will always be blank space filled with lost opportunities and missed connections. Fill your space, as mine will always be partially blank."

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