As my time at NAIT comes to an end, I have completed my course-required portfolio. The assignment was to present twelve photographs in a physical format. This is only the start; I love each piece within and cannot wait to keep expanding. Here’s a peak!

Shout out to all amazing people who helped me:

Shaun Scade, Akemi Matsubuchi, Robert Bray, Ian Grant, Reg Westly, Paul Gillis, Carina Hart, Peter Hart, Bree-Lynn Mistol, Josh Fletcher, Kathy from Engravit, Leslie Boissonneault, Carly Moore, Bryan Cooper, Thomas O’Hara, Tim Tamashiro, Ben Garcia, Tasy Brown, Gage Hirsekorn, Josh Harnack, Trent Turner, Natasha Burmwell-Blesing, Ashley Hart, and Robyn Hargesheimer.

FUN FACT: My goal is to photograph Bill Nye the Science Guy. If ANYONE knows him, please let me know! Thanks!

I really enjoy editorial and on-location portraiture, so if you do something cool, or know someone else who does let me know! I would love to create a piece with them. Send me a message here , Instagram me here or Facebook me here!

If you are wondering what I used to make my portfolio, here’s a list!

-11x14 Acrylic Portfolio Screw-Post Cover: Etsy

-Personalized Engraving: Engravit

-Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster Paper 300gsm: Vistek

-Personalized Stickers: Moo!

-Black Wrapping Paper: Walmart

-Paper Twine: Michaels

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