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Tommy Banks + Tim Tamashiro

Some nights are just better filled with jazz music and good company; Friday was one of those days. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Tommy Banks and Tim Tamashiro before they performed at the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton. Words cannot begin to describe how kind these two individuals are. So many laughs and smiles were shared that evening. While sitting in the green room before the session I read though some of the many names plastered on the walls, it's amazing to think that all of these people belong to the same community. This is such an incredible industry full of inspiring and talented individuals who preform and appreciate music.

Thank you for inviting me along for this experience, I wish you all the best and hope our paths cross again in the near future. A special thank you to Shaun Scade and Thomas O'Hara for assisting me during this session and helping it go off without a hitch.

"You've done an amazing job capturing how much fun it is for Tommy Banks and I to spend time together on and off stage. You have an eye for telling stories through photography." - Tim Tamashiro

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