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Bud Light - Edmonton Commercial Food Photography

I was scrolling through Instagram stories and noticed a friend post about a new limited-edition 'Strawberry Lemonade' Bud Light. I immediately responded to the story saying "I need this in my life" and proceeded to go to the store. I shop at a small, family-run liquor store in my neighborhood, I was nervous they wouldn't have this case in stock. I walked into the back cooler and there it was, glorious and stacked tall. I grabbed a case and was happily on my way. When I got home, I set up a lawn chair, put on my shades, and cracked one open. The light was blaring down on the shiny can, still chilled from the freezer, it felt like summer in April. I needed to photograph this product. Thus resulting in the realization I love cute packing and I'm a sucker for anything that says Limited Edition. So here's my summer 2020 drink of choice. I've always wanted to photograph something in my basement, the accent wall is a very thinly lined red pattern. The concept seemed simple: pour beer into pint glass while simultaneously holding the glass from the opposite side. My anatomy clearly wouldn't allow this, so photoshop will have to do. I set up a tripod, put down an old towel, and hoped my photoshop skills hadn't gotten too rusty. What's your drink going to be?

Bud Light Beer Seltzer Product Food Photography


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