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Farouk + Shannon: Edmonton, Alberta Workshop Eatery Wedding 2021

If I ever ran into Farouk or Shannon's family members again, I'm sure their only memory of me would be something along the lines of "STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING." Because honestly, it was. I couldn't believe my eyes, but this wedding was put together in just six short weeks. A truly perfect Workshop Eatery Wedding in South Edmonton. But somehow, after meeting Shannon and Farouk for a speedy 30 minutes 5 days before their wedding, it felt like we had known each other forever. Immediately I noticed how happy, polite, and engaging they are. Overall, they were super laid back and just excited to get married. Although the temperatures in Edmonton ran hot that day, this couple made August long weekend a total breeze.

Major props to Joelle from Joy by Joelle and her associate Katelyn. They made every one of Shannon and Farouk's dreams come true. I couldn't be happier to have worked with a fantastic team: Natalee Faith, Forever films, DJ Kwake, and Joy by Joelle, you all know how to work a banger wedding.

Associate Photographer: Natalee Faith Photography

Videographers: Forever Films

Wedding Planner: Joy By Joelle


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