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Kimberley + Joshua: Hastings Lake Gardens, Alberta Engagement 2021

This year is just full of memorable moments! In January, one of my best friends got engaged!!! And to who? My high school best friend. I can't begin to describe how perfect these two are for each other. Meeting and learning about these two individuals before being in a relationship was extra special and something I will always cherish.

The Hastings Lake Gardens offers an exceptional opportunity for wedding couples to have an hour of an engagement session on the property. This allows everyone to get familiar with the space and different locations around the property. They picked me up, and off we went to the city's east side. After wrapping up their session at sunset, we returned to the Sherwood Park Dairy Queen and chatted over ice cream about all their wedding day dreams. I'm so lucky to be included in their wedding day this way, and I can't wait to witness this matrimony.


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