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Kind Words
' Paige did an incredible job capturing the essence of our shop, Kind Ice Cream. She’s exceptionally skilled at bringing creativity and whimsy to her documentary style of photography and we’re thrilled with our collection of photos. '                  - Paula Shyba, Co-Owner of Kind Ice Cream.
' You've done an amazing job capturing how much fun it is for Tommy Banks and I to spend time together on and off stage. You have an eye for telling stories through photography. '          
- Tim Tamashiro
Farm wife style - ATHENA COLLECTION
Farm wife style - NICOLE COLLECTION
Farm wife style - EVELYNN RING
Farm wife style - KIMBERLY CHOKER
Farm wife style - JANE CUFF
Farm Wife Style - KIMBERLY STUD
Farm Wife Style - DOREEN RINGS
' Paige is an incredibly talented photographer whose skill set is second-to-none in my industry.  Good prop photographers are difficult to come by and she’s not good at all.  She’s INCREDIBLE.  '          
- Kim Ducherer  .  Farm Wife Style
Dalyla + Theyb-59
Dalyla + Theyb-61
Dalyla + Theyb-32
Dalyla + Theyb-06
Dalyla + Theyb-14
Dalyla + Theyb-48
Dalyla + Theyb-47
Dalyla + Theyb-24
Dalyla + Theyb-20
' We both loved our session and the photos!! Every single image is amazing!! Thank you Paige for an amazing shoot, for making us feel comfortable, for getting killer images and making us feel Vogue. '          
- Dalyla Abougouche
Boshier Family_001
Boshier Family_003
Boshier Family_025
Boshier Family_020
Boshier Family_050
Boshier Family_042
Boshier Family_040
Boshier Family_069
Boshier Family_055
Boshier Family_064
Boshier Family_061
' Paige thank you for capturing the goofiness of our little family, you captured the true love I have for my 2 boys and how much fun they can both be!! We are extremely excited at how the individual vehicle photos came out, everything turned out amazing. This is a memory we will cherish forever ... thank you! '          
- Nicole Boshier
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi
Karen & Navi

' You are so talented Paige, we predict very big things for your photography career. Good luck and best wishes from both of us! Thanks so very much for everything Paige!! '          

- Karen & Navi

Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}
Sweet {Jolie}

' Thanks again for EVERYTHING!! So happy with the final result! '          

- Nicole Rice  .  Sweet {Jolie}

Kelsey + Aiden-18
Kelsey + Aiden-20
Kelsey + Aiden-23
Kelsey + Aiden-01
Kelsey + Aiden-07
Kelsey + Aiden-05
Kelsey + Aiden-32
Kelsey + Aiden-40
Kelsey + Aiden-51
Kelsey + Aiden-11

' We were both really nervous before our session and we thought it might be awkward, but Paige did a really amazing job at making us both feel very comfortable. She was efficient, kind, patient, and we received BEAUTIFUL photos from her! She was able to capture real moments and smiles of the two of us, it didn't feel like we were being posed or even in a photo shoot at times - it just felt natural. I loved working with Paige and would recommend her to anyone! '            - Kelsey Kuehnemuth + Aiden Carter


' Paige did a fantastic job of bringing my somewhat abstract vision to life.  I have worked with many proficient photographers over the past few years, but photographers like Paige with a true sense of artistry are hard to find. She was lovely to work with, extremely accommodating and exceedingly talented. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer. The evidence is in her work. '         

- Taylor Paskar . Writer and Director . ' 65 Roses ' 


' I always feel comfortable in front of the camera when we do a session. You have a talent for keeping things light and easy. Thanks for another great session, I look forward to working with you again! '          

- Robyn Hargesheimer


' Paige was such an amazing photographer! She has an attention to detail and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She gave us direction that helped us to feel relaxed. The skills she brought forward gave us the most beautiful photos for us to have and treasure. She was such a joy to work with and we are so happy we chose Paige to capture our special day. '          

- Dawn and Mike

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