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Business Administration: Marketing Graduation 2022


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This month marks the end of my second diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I applied to the Business Administration program at NAIT in February of 2022. It was a bit of a long shot, but I wanted to complete an education in Marketing in either night courses or as a part-time student. I loved my work life at the time and didn't want to sacrifice any opportunities while gaining a new education. Little did I know the world would come to a stop a few weeks later.

I was accepted into the program in April and planned to be a full-time student virtually. I didn't know what the year or the rest of my photography career had in store, but I was happy to start a new journey. I continued my work as a photographer when I could, documenting a few engagement sessions and nine intimate weddings in late 2020. The overlap of school, photography, and my clay jewelry business was exhilarating. As time passed, I prepared for my 2021 wedding season after my first full year of school. 22 beautiful weddings happened that year and kept my heart full as I trudged on to my final year of school. By the end of this month, I will have graduated with a new Business Administration: Marketing diploma. I took a particular interest in Promotional Campaign Planning and Public Relations.

I'm very excited to see where my newfound knowledge takes me, but for now, I'm ready to focus on a very busy 2022 wedding season! I can't wait to share everything here with all of you. Here's a rare sighting on the blog: me!


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