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Daniel + Tasha: Budapest, Hungary Engagement Session 2024

This was such a fabulous day! Dan and Tash are one of the sweetest couples and I was so happy to go with them for a stunning Budapest engagement session. They were absolute rock stars for the whole session and dealt with a lot of staring eyes and extra pressure. I often try and take couples to secluded areas so we can focus on each other and not our surroundings, but this was a great test for them and me! We started the day off at the New York Cafe. One of the busiest cafes in Budapest, well known for its stunning interior and Instagram-able areas. The hostess was so nice and gave us an IDEAL table on the edge of the balcony and facing a window. It's like she knew we needed light and no one in the background. Tash and I giggled with glee as we sat down. Their other idea was heading to the Four Seasons across town. Before we hoped in the car we had to take advantage of a cute little street and amazing doorways. I couldn't help but see cool things as we wandered around and they were real troupers for taking more photos. We ended up in the bar of the Four Seasons, they both had a cocktail as we took a few quick photos. Then before parting ways we went to my dream location of Basilica Square. A truly iconic spot in Budapest with St. Stephen's Basilica perfectly framed in the background. I'm fully obsessed with this session and I can't wait to see all the photos these two cuties post from their wedding in Toronto. Cheers!


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