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Emma + Ben: River's Edge Devon, Alberta Wedding 2023

It's officially the last wedding of the season and I couldn't be happier that it's with Emma and Ben! A perfect day in Devon, Alberta for this fall River's Edge wedding filled with love and laughter, they brighten the room with their smiles. Emma wanted the fall foliage to be popping, and I think it was just as vibrant and magical as she had wanted. The morning started on the property with some getting ready photos of Emma and the girls at the main house, and Natalee went over to visit Ben at the exterior suite. Once everyone was ready, they had a private first look and read their vows to each other for the first time. Their smiles over powered the tears and with a few swift tissue dabs we went into their couple and wedding party photos. The sun was high in the sky but River's edge is surrounded by so many beautiful treed areas, we all found a spot out of the sun before the ceremony on the river bank. Again, their ceremony was filled with laughs and tears and their best friend did an amazing job officiating these two into matrimony. After their grand exit they were greeted with their specialty cocktails and proceeded to the cocktail hour and reception. (and a sneaky run away into sunset portraits!) This was the most amazing end to 2023 and I wish Emma and Ben all the best on their marriage! I just know it will be filled with happiness and excitement.

Associate Photographer: Natalee Faith

Hair and Makeup: Sen Studios


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