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DiveThru: Mental Health Studio Space with Access to Registered Therapists. Edmonton, Alberta

I met Sophie Gray, founder of DiveThru: a Mental Health Studio Space, years ago when she was a full fledged social media influencer. She was (and still is) an absolute force, managing multiple brand deals and recreating her online presence - I was constantly in awe of her. When we met she was shifting from fitness to well-being. It was inspiring to see someone so passionate about the mental health of others. DiveThru begun as an app and with Sophie's vision it turned into the most beautiful safe space for Edmontonains to meet with registered therapists. She built this studio from the ground up and I am so proud of her! It's beautiful, but more importantly it's space that welcomes everyone and is the start of a wonderful community.

I loved walking through the studio and I hope you enjoy the images of the Whyte Avenue DiveThru location, I cannot recommend the lovely people here enough. DiveThru: Edmonton, Alberta.

DiveThru Edmonton Alberta Mental Health Studio
DiveThru Edmonton Alberta Mental Health Studio


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