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Emerie Creative Co - Edmonton Based Jewelry Company

I was young when I started this company. I was a few months from being 20 and hit the pavement fresh out of post-secondary. I had no idea how much I would learn about business along the way. I've always had a love for business, marketing, and finances. When I was young, I never imagined working for a corporation. It never crossed my mind to be an employee. I wanted to the boss. The past four years have been an absolute dream, I love my clients and the opportunities I have been, and continue to be presented. I was unemployed for the first time in a decade when the pandemic hit. My heart broke every time one of my wedding clients and I had to have a chat about the postponement. I couldn't imagine how challenging that would have been for all of you. I am so glad all my 2020 couples have now been securely booked into 2021. I can't wait to capture your days. As far as my commercial clients go, everything went dry as a desert. I'm not essential and my only job became staying home and doing my part to flatten the curve. I listen to a podcast called 'The Health Code'; they chat about health, fitness, business, and side hustles. It got me thinking, I have a business but not a side hustle. I aspired to build a business of quality handmade products. I didn't want to house a company where I designed and others produced. I wanted the full effect. I wanted a way to be creative beyond photography. I was envious of those who could sculpt and mold their ideas. I wanted to make slabs of cute simplistic designs that were floating around in my head. I wanted to make handcrafted jewelry. I made my decision; I was starting a new company. In eight hours I had sourced supplies and packaging, designed a logo, full website, and started an Instagram feed. I was flooded with ideas for designs and created a draft of my styles. Made a rough estimate of the supply costs and price of running the business. I stayed up late and was fully emerged in this. I felt purpose. I had the skeleton of a business, but no products and no consumer. So, onto the next part of the to-do list, products. I gathered my materials from a local art supplies store and picked three designs to attempt. Photography and marketing seemed like a simple part of this project. But, I think it all turned out pretty well. Do you want to see what I've been up to? My shop and Instagram is always up to date: Emerie Creative Co

I've always appreciated the support from every one of you, so to say thank you for merging my two communities. I've been overwhelmed by the support thus far and I am so excited to keep building this branding and testing my creativity. This is in no way the end of photography, and I hope to continue both journeys for a very long time.

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry Earrings


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