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Jeremy + Brittni : Whitecourt, Alberta Intimate Wedding 2021

Plans have changed, changed, and changed again, but these two troopers helped show that LOVE is always the answer. Oh, and very conveniently, Love is their newly shared last name. While talking to Brittni and Jeremy's families, it was easy to see how enthusiastic everyone was about their wedding. As a couple that's been together forever (heard of high school sweethearts? - yeah, of course - Well, these two are junior high sweethearts. HOW CUTE IS THAT), it was remarkable to see them tie the knot and celebrate with their families.

I headed up a few hours early for this Whitecourt, Alberta intimate wedding to find some locations nearby the relatives' acreage. Saying Whitecourt is stunning is a significant understatement. After spending some time taking photos on the property, we headed a few minutes down the road to a dead-end and a lookout point on the edge of someone's land. It was magical, and I'm so happy to be a part of such a glorious day.

Associate Photographer: Megan Kemshead Photography

Cake + Cupcakes: Kars Sweets & Treats

Intimate Backyard Wedding in Whitecourt, Alberta
Intimate Backyard Wedding in Whitecourt, Alberta


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