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Nick + Laryssa: Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex Edmonton, Alberta Wedding 2022

When I first met with Nick and Laryssa I knew they had a deep love for their culture and heritage. It was inspiring to hear a young couple be so excited to share their traditions with me and their wedding guests. Both Nick and Laryssa are Ukrainian dancers with the Vohon Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and they brought so much fun energy into their wedding day. Surrounded by loved ones they had their ceremony and reception at the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex in Edmonton, Alberta. The north side of Edmonton has an amazing amount of photo locations during October, so I was happy to spend the weeks leading up to their wedding scouting the perfect locations. We were fortunate enough to borrow the best mans Model A for a fun ceremony exit and photos before heading to the Pint on Jasper Ave, where the bride served up some beers and shots! The party had just begun when we arrived at the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex for the reception. While entering, everyone took shots, got iced, and proceed to enjoy and evening of food, drinks, great live music from Millenia, and an AMAZING performance from the Vohon Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. This was a night I will never forget, cheers Nick and Laryssa to your marriage, I know this new chapter of you lives will be a blast!

Associate Photographer: Megan Kemshead

Dress: FroxBox

Music: Millenia

Ceremony and Reception Location: Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex


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