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Thrift Challenge - Edmonton Food and Still Life Photography

It started with a coffee. I met with fellow NAIT graduate Liam Mackenzie for a coffee and we started chatting about recent work. We both have found it challenging to step outside the confinements of our minds and produce different and creative images. I mentioned wanting my sister to give me random objects to use to make a new personal project. We threw back and forth some ideas and a challenge was formed. We quickly thought about also challenging Kyle Umbach, and bam, an adventure is on the way. We picked a day and time to meet at Value Village. The budget was established and two hours later we paid for our items. You’re probably wondering what the challenge is. Well, here’s how we describe it. Each of us had to go around and make a bundle of items. The bundle would then go home with one person, weeks later it would be swapped to the next. At the end of this, we would get together and share what we each created and see how differently our minds worked with the same items. We did not limit each other to what could be selected, the only limitation was the price point. RULES: -You can bring in additional clothing pieces or props. -You can omit one item if it does not work with your concept. It quickly became apparent each bundle had a theme. I received Kyle's items first. The items that Kyle picked seemed to be monochromatic, the perfect combination for a still-life or food photography shot. This was my first challenge and I felt stumped. While in value village I had a concept, but as I went to sketch it out, I realized I had no ideas. All I knew was I love the color yellow and had this distinct feeling I had to do a still life with lemons. BAM. I’m not Beyonce, but here’s my lemonade.

What was inside the bundle? A pitcher, frying pan, stone container and lid, two knives, copper ring, glass cutting board, and two sheets of fabric. All were used, except for the copper ring. The only thing not photographed is the glass cutting board. Which was used as a light diffuser in the overhead photo, why? I knew I wanted a harder light source and my normal light modifiers made it too faint, I added the tempered glass and it made a subtle difference from direct light. I am looking forward to sharing the next two projects of this series.

Lemonade Food Photography Still-Life


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